Floodwaters recede, villagers introduced to Living Water

By February 18, 2010

India (MNN) — Last September, the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka saw the worst flooding in 100 years. Whole villages were destroyed. And as the floodwaters receded, they took with them many villagers' livelihoods and left salty mud, making the planting of crops almost impossible.

Since this devastation, India Partners has helped nearly 200 individuals–that's 38 families–clear their land and prepare it to plant new crops.

"We have hope," said one villager after receiving help.

Not only is India Partners restoring land, they are also providing blankets, clothing and food. But most importantly, they are introducing villagers to the Living Water, Jesus Christ, who will restore their lives.

India Partners has raised $66,000 of their goal of $100,000 in flood relief, but more is needed. Will you consider partnering with them? For $25, you can help restore an acre of land, or for $10, you can provide a blanket and meal to a hungry villager.

Click here to help today.

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