Floresta launches Sunday school ministry in Mexico

By March 4, 2005

Mexico (MNN) — While Sunday school may be a regular part of local church programs in the west, that’s not the case for churches in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Floresta is a Christian organization that reverses deforestation and poverty in the world, by transforming the lives of the rural poor. A team from Floresta just returned from southern Mexico. Floresta’s Armando Osorio led the team. “Our mission was to go and train a group of Sunday school teachers so we can launch a large-scale Sunday school program for churches in southern Mexico.”

Osorio says many people walked miles to come to the training. He says the need for this type of ministry is great. “Most of these areas have never had a children’s ministry. Usually the children go to church with the adults and have a hard time through those services. It’s really amazing how powerful a ministry specifically designated for children (can change lives). We want to change the local culture in how they reach the children.”

This ministry will ultimately help the local church. He says, “The church is kind of stagnant. It’s kind of lukewarm. But, fortunately the leaders are aware of that and they’re trying to revitalize the local churches and Floresta is helping them do that.”

Floresta is looking for partnerships with churches to help do even more work. “They can get engaged with our program in various ways,” says Osorio, “The Sunday school program is one of them. Building churches is another and (helping with) agricultural activities.”

Osorio says Oaxaca is one of the three poorest states in Mexico. While that’s sobering, it’s also preparing hearts. “A lot of them are hopeless. So, they’re very open to new things. As far as the Gospel, they’re very open. Throughout the summer we have missions teams go down to do Sunday school programs, to work with the youth, even to work with adults. God is definitely doing a mighty work.”

Floresta is asking people to get involved in their adopt a village program. $30 can do just that. Give them a call at (800) 633-5319 or visit their web site, http://www.Floresta.org.

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