FMI banquets connect Christians with critical missions to the unreached

By September 6, 2023
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USA (MNN) — Out of 8 billion people on earth, over 3 billion are unreached with the Gospel. When thinking of the unreached, it’s a different category from other lost people.

An unreached person isn’t someone who knows about the God of the Bible and chooses to reject Him. Someone who is unreached never had the chance to respond to salvation in Jesus Christ because they have never heard the Gospel. They are lost because they do not know.

pakistan, baptism

Baptism in Pakistan. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

Thankfully, there are concerted Gospel efforts among ministry organizations to the unreached. But the Church needs to do more — and it’s easier to get involved than you may think!

FMI serves countries that are mostly within the 10/40 window and overwhelmingly unreached. The ministry supports indigenous church planters reaching their own people with the Good News of the Gospel.

Bruce Allen with FMI says, “Almost one out of every nine souls on the planet lives in the area where our partners serve. These are the countries of Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkiye (which is the world’s largest unreached nation with the Gospel), and Kenya at the base of the Horn of Africa – a very Muslim dense region of the world.”

To connect more believers with critical missions to the unreached, FMI is hosting three regional banquets across the United States – Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 21; Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on October 5; and Emerald Isle, North Carolina on October 12.

Sadaqat holds his treasured copy of the Injil (New Testament) that first riveted him with the good news of God’s unshakeable love through Jesus Christ. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

“FMI just wants to inspire people and serve as their bridge so that they can effectively connect with the places where more than 1,440 unreached people groups live,” says Allen.

“These banquets are an opportunity to meet with our staff [and] our board members, enjoy a buffet meal, and hear about what God is doing in some incredible places even though they’re spiritually dark.”

Sign up for one of FMI’s regional banquets here!

Even if you can’t go, Allen asks, “Pray for those final days of the preparation. Pray for the conversations also that happen at these events. Not just the what happens during the program when someone gets up and is speaking or sharing one of these stories or things like that, but the conversations when people are sitting at the tables or standing.

“Then also pray for our partners, the national leadership teams that we have in each of these countries. They have a vision for expansion…. Pray for the church planters for their stamina, for their vision, and that the Lord would resource them.”

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Header photo courtesy of Kyle Glenn/Unsplash.