FMI continues church planting expansion

By August 19, 2019

Indonesia (MNN) – FMI is continuing its church-planting expansion work in Indonesia. The ministry began the work last year by establishing multiple leadership teams on different islands. These teams mentor and guide their own set of church planters on their island.

Expanding Church Planting

Indonesia, July 2019 (Photo courtesy of FMI)

Now, Bruce Allen with FMI says they see the fruits of the labor. But with exponentially growing church plants comes a need to support new church planters. In this year alone, FMI has helped support five new church planters who are doing multiple church plants. But, there are still six church planters who need support. Will you help?

“There are guys in seminary, even now, in Indonesia. They’re saying ‘Hey, we want to be mobilized to share the gospel with our own countrymen. We just need some help and doing it, especially as we go out into the very rural areas.’ That’s where FMI really stands alongside of these guys to help them in their early years of church planting as they can be empowered to lead their congregations to maturity,” Allen says.

Will you Help?

Christians can help support the Church in Indonesia by giving to FMI’s Overseas Partners account. This account allows FMI to establish partnerships with church planters. It only costs USD 120 to a single church planter for a month.

Indonesia, July 2019 (Photo courtesy of FMI)

“For the price of that [daily] coffee, you could be having a significant impact across a whole village community, and help empower a pastor to lead his congregation to maturity in the world’s largest Muslim majority nation. We would provide you as a partner with material so that you know about the culture profile, about the individual pastor that you’d be partnering with, and his community,” Allen explains.

Small groups, families, and church congregations can come together to support a church planter with a recurring $120 monthly gift. This gift equips church planters with Bibles, Sunday school curriculum, medical expenses, and supplementary income. The financial assistance allows church planters to focus on their ministry rather than devoting the majority of their time to providing a basic income to support their families. It helps these church planters give the best of themselves to their ministry.

Seeking Maturity

Indonesia, July 2019 (Photo courtesy of FMI)

“One of the things that we are strategically trying to avoid is to increase an unhealthy dependence on foreign funding. Our whole goal is not just to send money every month. The goal is that we empower the church planter to lead his congregation to maturity,” Allen explains.

One of the ways FMI measures maturity is a congregation’s independent ability to support its pastor and the ministry.

“They know that it’s a short term system. They understand what the goal is, and that we will be evaluating their progress along the way,” Allen says.

Will you help support a church planter in Indonesia?

To learn more about supporting a church planter, click here.

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Header photo courtesy of FMI.

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