FMI expands ministry in Indonesia by splitting

By January 9, 2019

Indonesia (MNN) – As the new year rolls in, FMI has a resolution to expand their work and the ministry impact in Indonesia.

There are around 23.5 million Christians in the country, but that’s only ten percent of the nation’s population.

FMI wants to see the Christian community grow, and to do that, they have a goal for a 20 percent increase of indigenous church planters and disciple makers in the country who understand the value and power of the Gospel.

Splitting for Expansion

To begin, FMI’s Bruce Allen says the ministry had to split like a cell in order to facilitate growth among the church planters.

FMI had only one indigenous leadership team in Indonesia conducting the communication, accountability, and production across the vast nation.

“But when we consider the very distinctive nature of Indonesia, that it’s made up of 6,000 inhabited islands, that’s more than what just one board operating from one island can handle, overseeing other operations on other islands,” Allen says.

FMI recently split the team and multiplied their work.

“So, we now have done that division of the cell and we’ve multiplied so that there are two leadership teams operating on two different islands in order to oversee the work.”

Allen says both teams have a vision for expanding the work in Indonesia and seeing a 20 percent increase of church planters.

The teams are helping to nurture church planters and disciple makers across the islands. They also act as communication and accountability workers by sharing with supporters how funds are being used progressively.

Get Involved

(Photo courtesy of FMI via Facebook)

To increase the teams’ effectiveness over the next year, “there’s an immediate financial need of about $2,000 for tangible resources like laptops and smartphones to help equip these national leaders complete their work to submit reports back to our U.S. office to stay in communication with the church planters across the islands, and the apps on smartphones are also a great way, convenient and secure to distribute the monthly financial support to the church planters.”

FMI is also raising funds for individual church planters so they can be as effective as possible and so the ministry can show that they are standing with them.

It will take a commitment of about $120 per month per disciple worker to see a 20 percent increase of native church planters in the country.

FMI challenges you this year to come alongside church planters and disciple-makers by supporting them as they share the Gospel throughout different islands of Indonesia.

Start supporting an indigenous ministry worker in Indonesia here.

Finally, pray for the expansion of FMI’s work to grow, multiply, and impact more people throughout the country.



Header photo courtesy of FMI via Facebook.

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