FMI partners with Keys for Kids

By July 28, 2022

Pakistan (MNN) — FMI has teamed up with Keys for Kids Ministries, translating kids and teen devotionals into Urdu.

Nehemiah says the content is stored on solar-powered mp3 players. “Right now, we are in the process of editing and proofreading. That was one of the struggles we had. Because there were not many Christian children who were able to speak good Urdu. They are able to speak street Urdu.”

FMI has worked on an Urdu print Bible as well.

Nehemiah’s trip

Nehemiah will soon take a trip to visit Christians in Pakistan. He plans to visit the FMI partners, many of whom have suffered severe persecution. Nehemiah says, “Pastor Adam saw his sister and brother-in-law killed by a militant attack a few months ago.” You can read more about that story here.

The family is still on the run. Nehemiah says, “They tried to relocate them in one city. But there was another situation they had to flee from there. I am sure that meeting will be very emotional.”

“When I meet our persecuted partners and hear their stories, honestly, I get encouraged because of their faithfulness.”

Nehemiah will also take time on the trip to visit churches and partners in Kenya, near the border with Somalia.

These churches also endure stiff persecution and the risk of extremist violence. Nehemiah says, “There was a time when even Kenyans were not allowed to go there. This part of Kenya is opening up a little bit now.”

How to pray

Post-COVID air travel can be chaotic, so pray Nehemiah can catch all his flights. Pray also that his presence will be a blessing to the churches.

Nehemiah asks for prayer for his family as well. “It’s about a six-week trip. So please pray for my wife that God will grant her strength to take care of our two children.”



The header photo shows Urdu writing published in 1920, outlining the history of the Urdu language. (Photo courtesy of Русский: Лаал, ВаазFrançais : Laal, WaazEnglish: Laal, Waaz中文:拉阿尔,瓦阿兹Português: Laal, Waazالعربية: واز لالEspañol: Laal, Waaz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)