FMI prints new Urdu Bible

By October 12, 2022

Pakistan (MNN) — FMI will produce a new Urdu Bible in Pakistan.

About the Bible

It’s the first new Protestant Bible to be printed in Pakistan since before the Partition when India and Pakistan became separate countries. That Bible was translated by a German missionary from English to Urdu. This new Bible is being translated from the original language into Urdu.

Nehemiah says, “We used to receive printed Bibles in Urdu sometimes from China. Most of the time, they came from South Korea.”

But the supply of imported Bibles slowed down over the past few months. FMI needed a new way forward. Nehemiah says, “Literacy is a big problem in Pakistan. We wanted to try to get something people can understand. So we are using an easy-reading version of Urdu.”

Nehemiah says the Catholic Church did print an Urdu Bible, but it is a very large and heavy book. FMI wanted to make a thin, portable Bible.

But they had a difficult time obtaining scritta paper, the thin material often used in Bibles. Eventually, they obtained a supply. Nehemiah says, “I won’t be able to share more detail from where we got this paper. But praise God, we have that paper in our hands. And one of our brothers who’s from the Muslim majority rendered his services to use his printing press.”

“Please pray for the process. Please pray for the people.”

Pray these new Bibles would reach many people across Pakistan. Pray also for the logistics. FMI will need to ship the Bibles from the city where they are being printed to different parts of Pakistan, or even across borders.



Header photo courtesy of FMI. 

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