FMI translating 50 Bible stories for Pakistani “frontier” peoples

By February 3, 2021
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Pakistan (MNN) — Eastern Balochi speakers in Pakistan are considered “frontier” peoples by The Joshua Project. With a population of over four million, they are primarily Muslim and still do not have access to the Gospel.

But FMI hopes to change that. FMI recently partnered with another ministry to translate 50 Bible stories into the Eastern Balochi dialect in Pakistan.

Nehemiah* with FMI says this Eastern Balochi Scripture translation project is a profound answer to prayer.

“Even before this project, we had been praying for years and years specifically for this region [in Pakistan] because this region is so significant. This region has great geopolitical importance because it’s so diverse.”

(Photo courtesy of FMI)

Unfortunately, Nehemiah says this province also has significant challenges. “This province is always a target of terrorism and ignorance by the state of Pakistan. It has so many different and difficult problems.”

This translation project could take up to two years to finish. But once they are done, Eastern Balochi speakers in Pakistan will have access to 50 Bible stories from the creation account to Revelation.

FMI is working with accomplished local translators who are committed to serving the Lord – even at the risk of their own lives.

For example, Nehemiah says, “We have a supported partner in this province who speaks more than 11 languages and he has planted 10 churches in this province. He travels 100 miles to cover different ministry sites. He is an incredible person and he is leading this project.

“And we have different brothers and sisters who are helping to translate this project. Some are from university backgrounds. Some are Ph.D. scholars.”

You can learn more about FMI and support their ministry to Pakistan here!

Also, Nehemiah asks, “Please pray specifically for the translators. They understand the risk of this project. It can be life threatening for these translators because they understand the sensitivity of the translations. As I told you, this is a highly persecuted province.

(Photo courtesy of FMI)

“And I request everyone to pray for FMI so we can [spread] this Word. Translation is one thing that we understand. But the next step is how to take this translated material into different areas of this province. It’s still a big thing so I want to urge and request everyone who is listening, support FMI and this cause.”



*Name changed for security purposes.

Header photo courtesy of Ahsanization via Unsplash.

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