‘Following JESUS’ in production

By November 27, 2009

Africa (MNN) — Berry Feiss with The JESUS Film Project says staff worked hard
this summer filming a video-based discipleship series for Africa. The project
was a group effort.

"There are lots of people involved. This is not just The JESUS Film
Project but our national staff across Africa were involved so that these series
would be applicable to literally all of the countries across Africa."

Under the "Following JESUS" umbrella, African series "Walking
with JESUS" helps new believers across Africa learn what it means to be a
Christian in their heart culture.

The JESUS Film Project hopes to complete five episodes of "Walking with
JESUS" by year's end. The remaining seven episodes will be filmed in 2010,
and Feiss says the staff hopes to complete the series by 2011.  Episodes address general topics of spiritual
growth and distinctively-African topics like spiritual warfare.

"They take place in a village setting with a village chief and
individuals that come in contact with this village chief."

Pray for production to keep running smoothly. Click
here to support the project.

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