Food changes sadness into happiness in Latin America.

By September 3, 2003

Latin America (MNN) — The sounds of happy children will soon replace the cries of anguish so many had heard before in Central and Latin America. Food for the Poor’s project to deliver 11 million pounds of powdered milk is well underway in churches, hospitals and schools according to Angel Aloma.
“With our feeding programs and now with our milk programs in the school system, every child who is going to school will receive one to two glasses of milk per day. And in many of our countries we have noticed an increase in the number of children being sent to school, precisely because parents realize that besides the education, they’re also getting perhaps the one meal they get for day.”

Aloma points out it also feeds them spiritually. “This kindness from the American people truly shows them that the Arm of God is behind them. That they are not forgotten children. You know, that God’s goodness is alive and well in the world.”

A second shipment is also planned.

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