Food crisis looms as Sudan fighting rages on

By May 18, 2023

Sudan (MNN) — A food crisis looms as war rages in Sudan. Humanitarians expect food prices to rise 25 percent over the next three to six months. If farmers cannot access their fields to plant key crops between May and July, costs will skyrocket even more.

“Sudan is very rich in natural resources so it should not be the case that people are starving. It all feels very sad,” Fadi Sharaiha with MENA Leadership Center says.

“We’re going to see people dying, whether it’s [from] starvation or lack of medicine, in addition to the war that’s happening.”

The Sudanese army and paramilitary forces are locked in a fierce battle that started on April 15 and shows no signs of stopping. The conflict displaced nearly a million people in one month; roughly 200,000 crossed into neighboring countries.

He can’t go into detail for security purposes, but Sharaiha says, “We do have participants, Christian leaders, from Sudan, and yes, they are affected” by the current turmoil.

Sudanese believers living abroad have “families living in Sudan, so they are also emotionally affected,” he adds.

(Photo courtesy of MENA Leadership Center)

MENA Leadership Center trains Gospel workers so they can respond effectively to situations like these. More about that here.

“We are going to ask our partners about trauma healing courses and how to minister to refugees in a professional way, and if there is a need for other courses,” Sharaiha says.

“We love to serve our people in the (MENA) region, especially right now in Sudan.”

Pray fighting will end and peace will return to Sudan. “You can also partner with the MENA Leadership Center by giving scholarships to some of the participants and supporting courses that we’re doing for the people in Sudan,” Sharaiha says.

“If you have any questions or ideas, please connect with us.



Header image is a 2019 photo depicting shell casings in the Nuba Mountains. (Photo courtesy of The Voice of the Martyrs USA)

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