Food donations help feed orphans in more ways than one

By July 21, 2011

Peru (MNN) — Malnutrition is a leading killer in Peru, especially among children living on the streets or in impoverished homes. Buckner International recently stepped up with the help of generous donors to fight the malnutrition crisis.

Donations provided Buckner International with the means to send two food shipments to Peru. These shipments together were valued at $93,049. The two food shipments were able to feed 15,100 orphaned children, youth and adults. Many of these food donations were given directly through orphanages.

Buckner International exists to carry out their commitment to God by ministering to orphans in their distress as Christ commands. They are Christ-centered in everything they do, from humanitarian aid services to counseling programs. Their hope is to minister Christ's love and tell of His saving grace to those at-risk.

In Peru, children are some of the most at-risk. The situations children face are multi-layered with many obstacles. One is child labor, with more than 2 million children having to enter into the work force. Because of this, nearly 9% of children in Peru are an average of three years behind on their education.

Also, between 35%-45% of the population is below the poverty line, living on less than $2 a day. Such poverty forces children and orphans to the streets where 10,000 die each year just in the capital of Lima alone.

On top of extreme poverty and child labor, sex trafficking is also an issue for children in Peru. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child estimates that there are 500,000 child victims of sexual violence and trafficking in Peru.

With everything children in Peru have to face, the situation can often seem hopeless. But the hope of Christ can change all that. And bringing the hope of Christ is exactly why Buckner International is involved there.

Buckner International became involved in Peru back in 2005 when the government asked them to establish foster care and transitional services in the country. Since then, they have had several programs established in Peru to minister to children, orphans, and families.

Bringing food donations down to Peru is just one of the ways Buckner International is able to minister. By showing kids that they are not forgotten, they are able to tell them about the God who loves them and knows them by name.

But this ministry could not have been done without the fantastic support of generous donors. Buckner International can always use more support as they advance their ministry to follow Christ's call. Please pray for their ministry to the needy kids in Peru and that the Gospel message would feed their souls as their bodies are fed. If you would like to make a donation to their ministry, you can click here.

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