Food for Haiti

By September 23, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — For Haiti with Love is busy unloading the
first shipment of food to be released from customs in Port-au-Prince since June
first. Another shipment of food packs is on the
way from Minnesota to Cap Haitien.

This new shipment has a price tag of $10,444. And after it arrives in Haiti and passes through
customs, it will incur more expenses to transport so much food and store it for the future. 

The food packs have a bigger purpose than simply filling
stomachs, as important as that is. As
For Haiti feeds the many needy people and orphans who come to it for help, the Gospel is shared with them. 

The orphan population multiplied after the earthquake,
and at the same time, Haiti's adoption process became more expensive and
complicated. This means there are more
orphans needing care than For Haiti can handle. Fifteen orphans have spilled over into the home of some For Haiti staff
members. They need help providing the
basics of life such as cooking oil, spices, school supplies, shoes, anklets,
hygiene products, and teachers for these children. 

On a typical Sunday, about 500 orphans and neighborhood
children attend a church service on the campus of a local orphanage. Afterward, everyone receives a meal. Pray that God will continue to provide these
children with nourishment for their bodies and nourishment for their
souls. Consider how your support might
play a part in God's provision.    

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