Food for hungry souls

By December 15, 2014

15594-Fidelia-and-family-with-Bible-225x300International (FFH) — Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if when we were sick, we could go to one place, take one pill and have that one pill solve any sickness that we have? I don’t know if that will ever happen in the realm of healthcare, but there are cures for many of the issues of life that people suffer from.

One woman, Fidelina, who lives in the Dominican Republic, was raised in a culture dominated by witch doctors who held sway over people by keeping them under the dark shadows of fear. Fidelina found herself trapped in fears stemming from tales of unspeakable things the witch doctors reportedly did to babies and young children. Having birthed six of her own, her fears were multiplied.

In addition, the witch doctors used fear to promote gambling as a quick fix amongst those under their influence. Winning a lottery became Fidelina’s dream. Once she became addicted to gambling, her dream became her nightmare. The thing she wanted to protect the most–her family–became the thing that suffered the most.

In Bolivia, Gertrudiz and her husband, Julio, earned a living by traveling to Chile to work in the Chapare coca-producing region. Either would leave for extended periods of time, effectively abandoning their three children in their home village where the only running water was a single, communal tap. In their quest to provide, they ended up neglecting their family greatly.

Though their stories were different, the result was the same. Their families were suffering, but they weren’t broken beyond repair.

Food for the Hungry has an outreach program which includes providing food where there is hunger, healthcare where there is illness, and income sources where none exist. They also lead individuals and families to the One who is Truth and who promised He would never leave or forsake them.

This is how the women and their families were reunited and rejuvenated. The Bible and God are the pills, which heal everything, even families torn apart by gambling or fighting.

No matter who we are, where we live, or what our circumstances are, there is only one lens through which we can view the world correctly. That lens is trusting in God to provide. In that regard, sometimes the cure is not as obvious as food, shelter, or health care. The cure is introducing people to Christ and giving them Bibles to read and instruction in God’s ways. As families learn biblical principles, they are transformed by the renewing of their minds so that their perspectives on life and their priorities change. They learn that the truth of God’s Word never changes; they can depend on it to direct their lives, and on God to provide for their needs.

FH’s outreach in every area of service includes food for hungry souls. That’s what they had the opportunity to do for both Fidelina and Gertrudiz. These women and their families have completely changed since. Their families are whole, and their worldview is much clearer.

Make a difference in a family’s life and give hope to those who can no longer see a future. Click here to donate through their gift catalog. When you visit the “Eternal Impact” section, you will discover how to give the gift of Bibles and discipleship training. Your gift could help change a life forever.

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