Food for the Hungry describes the tsunami destruction

By January 19, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — 175,000 souls are now confirmed dead in the aftermath of the tsunami in Asia, 110,000 in Indonesia alone, the largest Muslim nation in the world. Because much of Asia is known to be anti-Christian, that means thousands of people died without knowing Christ.

Food for the Hungry’s President Ben Homan, reporting from the tarmac in Bandah Aceh, says the destruction was devastating. “A huge steel bridge had been ripped apart and thrown to the side like it was a toy; it’s hard to describe. The neighborhoods-they apparently churned almost like a washing machine back and forth with the tides coming in and it just ripped things almost like a shredder.”

Homan says while the destruction has been horrendous, the loss of life has been sobering. “I stood on a wood floor in a little girl’s bedroom. Her book bag was tossed, homework was ripped and it was very hard to see the life that had been destroyed,” says Homan.

Despite all the death and destruction, Food for the Hungry is reaching out in the name of Christ. “We have trained trauma counselors here with Food for the Hungry. We have medical doctors on the ground. We thank you for your prayers and continue to ask you to pray that God’s strength and His love would come through so powerfully to the people.”

Funding is needed to enable Food for the Hungry to share Christ’s love in an area antagonistic to the Gospel. To contribute to FHI’s relief work, go to their web site or call 1-800-2-HUNGERS.

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