Food for the Hungry provides shelter in time for rainy season

By February 15, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — The death toll in Haiti from a massive earthquake has now reached 230,000. "Disease will be the next killer," says Food for the Hungry.

The rainy season in Haiti is rapidly approaching, and Food for the Hungry is doing all they can to prepare. Rain will cause disease to spread faster, especially for those who do not have sufficient shelter and aid to protect themselves.

Food for the Hungry is working in four Haitian communities–Bellevue La Montagne, Siloe, Kenscoff and Aux Cadets–to help the 120,000-plus affected people within them. In an attempt to keep quake victims in their home communities, Food for the Hungry is building shelter for them. The ministry is also providing clean water, food, medicine and latrines to sustain life and prevent disease.

One specific type of safe haven has been directed toward children. A press release notes that "FH is putting top priority on creation of 'child-friendly spaces,' in target communities to serve at-risk children. These spaces are designed to provide safe, structured areas for play, learning and trauma therapy."

Although shelter is the top priority right now for FH, they have also sent several doctors to provide medical care as well as a 16-member disaster response team. The ministry has reopened an HIV care center to prevent HIV patients from contracting anything else during this time.

FH has already helped thousands of victims in Haiti but has yet to reach many thousands more. The need is constant, as people have been left with literally no resources, including the FH Haiti staff, all 26 of whom were affected by the quake. If you would like to be the hands and feet of Christ to the very least of these in the Western hemisphere by supporting Food for the Hungry, click here.

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