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Published on 26 October, 2004

Food For The Poor’s relief arrives in shattered northern Haiti.

Haiti (MNN)–Nearly all of the people in northern Haiti have lost their homes, their livestock, and are in desperate need of assistance.

An aid ship sent by Food For The Poor, in partnership with Stop Hunger Now and Rotarians Against Hunger, arrived in Cap-Haitien last week with relief assistance. The June B is a cargo ship that is used to transport goods throughout the Caribbean, under the command of Captain Stephen Oldale, with a crew hailing from Honduras, Nicaragua, Grenada and Guyana, all countries that are served by Food For The Poor.

The aid consists of 1000 pallets of blankets, sheets, towels, water, hygiene kits, rice, cornmeal and other food supplies.

Over five of the containers are filled with items donated directly to Food For The Poor by South Floridians, and represent an overwhelming outpouring of support for the Haitian people.

Pray as the instability is slowing the transition from emergency aid to long- term reconstruction. Workers on the ground estimate it will take one to two years for Haitians to recover from the coup, the floods and the post-flood violence.

Many individuals, companies and churches have mounted collection drives for items that are needed by the hurricane victims, and have donated tons of goods to Food For The Poor.

Teams distributing the aid count it a privilege to represent the hands and feet of Christ during this time of need in Haiti.

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