Food for the Hungry’s new CEO passionate about “graduating communities from extreme poverty”

By October 8, 2018

International (MNN) — Food for the Hungry has been in ministry for almost 50 years working to end all forms of human poverty. Today, they have a new CEO at the helm who is passionate about the ministry of FH!

FH’s former CEO and current president Gary Edmonds appointed Mike Meyers to take over as CEO, effective October 1st. Edmonds will continue in his role as president until April when Meyers will assume that position as well.

Meyers has served with FH for nearly seven years. He was first hired as the ministry’s senior director of marketing and communications, then later served as the chief development officer.

We talked to Meyers and asked why he is passionate about FH’s ministry. He says, “I’m really excited about continuing the work of moving with all the countries we work in towards this idea of graduating communities from extreme poverty; not staying around, but really creating sustainable development work that allows people to move out of the situation they’re in.”

(Photo & header photo courtesy of Food for the Hungry)

“The great thing of working alongside Gary the last few years, he has allowed me to run with a few things. One of those was…just trying to solidify who we are as an organization. It’s something that has come out really what we refer to as the heartbeat of the organization — that we are clearly about ending all forms of human poverty and then really the idea and purpose of graduating communities from extreme poverty.”

FH’s work takes various forms — child sponsorship, food and health programs, refugee aid, and more — all in the name of Jesus.

Meyers was personally moved when he met a Syrian refugee family in Lebanon last year who endured a gripping journey over the mountainous border in the dead of winter.

“I sat with a refugee family and just saw what they had gone through. This lady had four kids and I saw how God had really impacted their lives by getting them to where they were, getting them out of a dangerous situation…. I heard their whole story, and even though the lady didn’t speak the same language as me, it was like you could hear the story from her actions.”

The woman’s husband had traveled ahead of the family and she followed later with their four children. Their older son is disabled and had to be carried by another traveler. The woman shared with Meyers how she carried her infant on her back and her two other children in her arms.

(Photo courtesy of Food for the Hungry)

“It was just such a deep conversation that we had, learning about what they had been through and to see how God was working in their life and really working through the local churches in the community and some of the Christians to impact the Syrian refugees that come across the border. I want to be part of that kind of stuff for many years to come.”

There are many ways you can come alongside FH’s ministry and find your place in the story. Just click here to visit their website!

Finally, please pray for FH to continue effectively reaching impoverished communities with aid and spiritual hope. Ask God to bless Meyers and Edmonds during this time of transition with wisdom. Pray for those being served by FH to come to know Jesus as their Savior.

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