Food plays key role in Caribbean ministry.

By October 7, 2003

Caribbean (MNN)–Next, Jesus recognized that food was a key element in life. When crowds followed Him, eager for His teachings, they hungered for both spiritual and physical food.

The Lord’s heart was moved to pity when He saw the people following Him, who had not eaten, but were eager to learn from Him.

Today in numerous schools throughout the Caribbean, children also hunger to learn, but deprived of food, they grow listless. Too many children trudge to school on empty stomachs because their parents can’t afford to feed them properly. They cannot concentrate on lessons. With help, students who hunger are being fed nourishing meals so they can learn.

Sharlene Brown, an assistant principal at the Irish Pen Basic School, bought students food, out of her own pocket. Sharlene has spent so much money on feeding the children breakfast, the wages she earns from her job were all gone.

Food For The Poor recently began supporting the school lunch program. “The food we receive from Food For The Poor is a big help. This is a very poor community and many parents can’t find work, so the children come to school very hungry,” said Maria Greenland Golding, the school’s principal.

In fact, many parents send their children to school just because they know they will be fed there.

Because believers continue to see the hungry and respond to their call, just as Jesus did, the cycle of poverty can be broken. Hundreds more children still pray and wait for the opportunity for lifesaving food.

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