Food security becomes key 2021 issue as prices soar

By February 15, 2021

International (MNN) — Global food prices soared for the eighth consecutive month in January, says the Food and Agriculture Organization. Prices reached the highest level since 2014, creating another wave of food insecurity.

AMG International’s Tasos Ioannides says food security will be a crucial issue in 2021.

“The World Bank put out a report [stating] food prices increased close to 20-percent last year. That results in a lot more people being undernourished, and a reduction in both the quality and the quantity of food that people consume,” Ioannides says.

AMG International intends to feed 100,000 children and adults this year.
(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

A COVID-19 consequence is partly to blame. “Part of the reason for the food shortages is the supply chain disruption because of COVID,” he explains.

“While people may not die from COVID, they might die by the disruptions that COVID brings in food supply and job loss.”

AMG serves communities in more than 35 nations. These families already struggle to get food on the table, and the task becomes even more complicated when prices go up.

“We have seen a greater need for basic materials and food supplies. A lot of it has to do with job loss; many of the people we serve have gone for months without any income,” Ioannides explains.

Feed a family of four for less than $43. Each delivery offers hope, Ioannides says.

“We have an opportunity to tell them about Jesus’s love and tangibly express Jesus’s love by providing the supplies they need.”

See how the Lord provided in Kenya.



Header image courtesy of AMG International.

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