Food, seed, and tools to reach 20,000 people in Chad

By July 13, 2007

(MNN) — Malnutrition is sharply rising in Chad as a result of the onslaught
of Sudanese refugees.

When fleeing families began arriving four years ago, they
shared their limited resources such as water, firewood, and schools, but the
overload is taking its toll. The demand
is outstripping supply. As a result,
prices for meat and vegetables have increased, less farmland is being
cultivated as more families take it over to build temporary homes, water tables
are going down, and cash savings are being depleted.

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is responding to
the crisis with food, seeds, and tools. CRWRC also joined the Global Relief Alliance to create sources of clean
water, grow vegetables during the dry-season, and provide food to feed Chadian
families until the new crop can be harvested. 

The GRA includes CRWRC, Food for the Hungry International,
MAP, Medical Teams International, World Concern, and World Relief.

By meeting the physical needs, the team becomes a living
example of the hope of Christ. Pray for
peace to finally take hold. Continue to
pray for the workers as they act as His hands and feet through difficult
circumstances. Pray, too, for continued
resources to help the neediest in this region.

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