For Haiti with Love has urgent need for a truck

By January 27, 2009

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. In light of the global food crisis, basic nourishment necessities are scarce, and many Haitians depend on organizations like For Haiti with Love for help. According to the ministry's co-founder, Eva DeHart, providing assistance has become more difficult.

"If we're to continue the food program, it's vital that we be able to get the food from the wharf to the headquarters. We have to be able to get the rice from the point of purchase up to our headquarters for distribution."

Although For Haiti with Love has been doing this in the past and continues to, the need for a truck for this transportation has become a high priority. "Right now, all we have is a little pickup truck," says DeHart. "It's very old and broken down most of the time; and it simply isn't going to last much longer if it has to keep hauling these heavy loads up the mountain."

The situation is more dire because the roads in the area are terribly out of service. "Many other people are having the same problems, so it's virtually impossible to find a truck to rent now."

The only option now is to invest in a good truck. To purchase a vehicle that will easily transport all of the beans, rice and food packets that For Haiti with Love delivers, the cost will be about $35,000 USD. So far, the organization has raised almost $5,000.

The significance of having a truck that can transport food as well as medical supplies can be eternal for recipients. "Since they're getting God's healing love at no charge, they start asking all kinds of questions. And you just can't have a better listener for the Gospel than when they initiate the questions."

DeHart asks for your prayers for the funding to come in quickly. Pray also for the salvation of those who benefit from the minitry of For Haiti.

If you would like to make a donation to help pay for a truck, you can call the number listed to the left of this article, or click here.

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