For Haiti with Love needs help with funds for shipping

By June 20, 2007

Haiti (MNN) — For Haiti With Love says while it's not glamorous, raising funds for cargo shipping is as important as getting the supplies to ship. 

In providing the beans and formula for their feeding program, thousands of dollars are spent on sea shipping. For example, it costs $600 in freight charges to ship $135-thousand dollars' worth of formula.

FHWL just received a gift of three pallets of food packets from Indiana that required trucking from Indiana and sea shipping to Cap Haitien which was over $1300. This is three pallets of 33 boxes, each containing 36 food packets that will provide six meals each. 

Another example is the $12,000 for black bean splits. They buy the beans, truck them to Ft. Lauderdale, pay sea shipping on them and trucking to the headquarters–all for a little over $12,000.  His is 43,000-pounds of split black beans and 430 one-hundred-pound bags of beans will feed a whole lot of people!

As earlier explained, moisture got into a batch of beans, and many of them have turned to powder and are unfit for distribution, so there is an urgent need to provide funding for this project.

What does it mean for ministry? For Haiti gives freely of God's love and gifts to help make life better for the poorest of the poor in Northern Haiti. 

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