Have you forgotten the refugees?

By July 25, 2014
Why are these children pulling a longer work day than most adults? (Photo courtesy of IMB students)

Why are these children pulling a longer
work day than most adults?
(Photo courtesy of IMB students)

Syria (MNN) — The situation in Syria isn’t improving. It’s only been overshadowed by other events in the Middle East, and largely forgotten by the public.

According to the Washington Post, 700 people were killed in a clash between ISIS and Syrian troops. Syria is trying to regain a gas field seized by the Islamic State. Meanwhile, millions of Syrian refugees are taking up residence in Lebanon and other countries.

IMB Students, an offshoot of the International Mission Board, is one group that hasn’t forgotten. In fact, if you visit their webpage, their passion for hurting people bleeds through their personal accounts, prayer requests, and innovative projects.

This is encouraging to see in a world where it’s easy to be distracted by education, jobs, technology, and the next best thing.

One worker with IMB Students shares her experience in Lebanon among the refugees. The article addresses the children who wander the streets from morning until night to sell small items in order to survive. The student is honest:┬áit’s hard to know what to do that will help these people long term. But she begs readers, as followers of Christ, to never stop asking themselves each day how they can help.

IMB Students presents a very helpful action-driven program called OneLife. It is “an initiative committed to Jesus Christ and His global mission. OneLife advocates using their time, money, energy, skills, education, career, influence, and every resource to share Christ and serve those in spiritual and physical need. OneLife gives missions a name, a face, and a place” (as stated on their Web site).

OneLife says that out of the 10 million Syrians displeaced because of the war, four million are children, many of whom are at risk for starvation. Syrians are largely Muslim and do not know the hope of Jesus.

Do you like to be involved with missions? OneLife offers you many opportunities to help. Visit this page to see all of ways that you can aid the Syrian refugees. $39 buys a family food for one week, for instance.

Don’t be part of the world that forgets the needs in other countries. Be the voice speaking up for those who have no voice in your country.

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