Former Bible students become builders

By May 12, 2009

Ukraine (MNN) — As a former part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine is still in a constant state of change–especially within the church. Once they separated from the communist rule, Greater Europe Mission was eager to begin training Christians. In the city of Zaporozyhe,
that meant the start of a Bible college.

Today, former students are not only pastors, but they're contributing to the growth of the school. The main contractor and a few of the builders are former students. They have committed to the building project on top of their full-time pastoral ministries and church leadership positions.

In completion, the building will house administration offices as well as dorm rooms. Single students occupy the dorm rooms while they study. The school offers a two-year course for Christian education, a two-year course in Music Directing, a three-year pastor's course, and has recently added a four-year Bachelor's Degree course in pastoral ministries.  The new dorms will encourage more growth. In their first year, 85 students attended class. Since then, more than 540 students have graduated and moved on to actively serve
other Christian communities. 

Pray that God will enable the builders and the contractor to do the job well and that the extra time commitment will not interfere with their commitment to the church. Pray also for their safety. 

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