Former Cannibal helps produce Bibles for Southeast Asia

By May 24, 2005

Asia (MNN) — His name is Elikus. He’s a former Cannibal from a country in Southeast Asia. Cannibalism was a way of life for him, but that all changed once he heard God’s Word in his own language.

According to Brent Ropp of Wycliffe Associates, “This gentleman, however, has come to the Lord. And, it was through the influence of Bible translators that came into his village when he first heard the message of the Gospel in his own language. That man, Elikus, is today a pastor of several congregations in and around that area.”

However, sharing the Gospel is difficult when Scripture isn’t available, so Wycliffe Associates is building a translation center. Ropp says, “The teams of Wycliffe workers that are already in-country will be working in their individual villages, of course, but then coming back to this center to help them in their translation tasks. The other two things that will take place (are) literacy training and Scripture use.”

Funding has now been raised to complete the center, but short-term mission teams are needed to help finish it. “It makes a huge difference in the lives of the people over there to see Christians come over there and invest their time and energy in working on a project that is predominately for them. By bringing over people with particular gifts and expertise we are certainly able to speed along the process.”

This translation center will train Elikus to reach his own people, says Ropp, and the need is great. “In this particular area, where this training center is being built, (there are) over 200 languages that do not have the Scriptures in their own tongue.”

Click on the link above if you’d like to help finish this translation center.

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