Former CBI student prays for police officer

By October 12, 2015
(Photo courtesy Crossroad Bible Institute)

(Photo courtesy Crossroad Bible Institute)

USA (MNN) — Edward “Doc” Amey spent many years running away from police. Now, Amey runs toward police so he can pray for them.

What brought on this dramatic change?

Amey grew up selling drugs and had been in and out of prison twice. In 2008 Amey was put behind bars in a Texas prison, sentenced to five years for a gun charge. Now, incarcerated for the third time, instead of becoming angry and bitter, Amey cried out to God for help. “God, if You are real, turn my life around,” he prayed, according to The Texas City Police Department  Facebook page.

After his cry for help, God revealed Himself, and Amey’s life began to change.

Amey got connected with Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) in 2009 and started taking the course, “Great Truths of the Bible.” CBI notes he got strong scores in his lessons. He also started attending church. The time in prison could have destroyed him emotionally and spiritually, but it ended up motivating him. He now has a passionate drive to serve God.

Though his sentence was for five years, Amey was released after just a year and a half because of the improvement he’d shown.

Now released from prison, Amey told KHOU News, “The last week-and-a-half God has really been giving me the urge to pray for police officers.”

This is what drove him to pray for Officer Salvador Chapa’s safety–the same police officer that had arrested Amey on a gun charge.

In September, the two met, stood hand-in-hand in the middle of the sidewalk, and prayed together. “I pray that You continue to watch over him,” Amey prayed. “Continue to guide him and lead him in the way that You may have him go, Lord.”

Nearby, Kevin Woods, a friend of Chapa, saw the scene and took a photo, then later posted it to Facebook. The photo has now gone viral and has been viewed by more than 1.2 million people. USA Today and Christianity Today also picked up the story.

Woods posted on the Texas City Police Department Facebook, “All lives matter. One nation under God! Prayers to you, brother, and I pray for you. Continue your path, brother. Thank you for saying a prayer for my brother.”

Amey’s story is proof God can transform lives! Thank Him for the new heart He has given Amey.

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