Former coach and NASCAR team owner shares Game Plan

By October 5, 2011

USA (MNN) — More than 800 people spent breakfast together at Cornerstone University in
Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday. The main attraction? Football Hall of Fame
coach and NASCAR car owner Joe Gibbs.

He was on campus speaking as part of his "Game Plan for Life" tour. "We always have a game plan for almost everything we go into. Sports. Business. Isn't it kind of crazy that we don't have a game plan for life? We should have. The point is: we do, and
it's God's Word." 

Gibbs says his Game Plan is to talk to non-Christians about faith in Christ. He says people are listening, especially during these tough economic times. "Whenever we get in
trouble, I think it's the time we start looking around and saying, 'Hey, we're
open.' I think particularly in financial times like we see right now, so many people have been hurt by this, and so I think it is a time when people are open." 

People are coming to Christ at these once-a-month invitation-only events.

Game Plan for Life small group studies are made available and are provided to the table hosts. The ministry is also producing a New Testament Study Bible and a Game Plan for Life Bible. If you want additional information, click here.


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