Former students help ministry expand Christmas event

By November 6, 2007

Ghana (MNN) — Graduates from Oasis International's training center are digging in to help the ministry.

These two former students have taken a leading role on the annual Christmas parade committee. With their knowledge and experience in the language and the local area, they've helped to get more groups involved in this year's parade than in the past two years combined.

The parade's goal is the raise money for the local health clinic in Prampram. The growth of the parade will then increase the needs that will be met by the parade. In turn, according to Ambrose Brennan of Oasis International, that helps lead even more people to Christ.

"As the people see us meeting a practical need or a tangible need in the community, I believe their hearts will be open to receive spiritual help from the Lord. So we're seeing first the natural, and then in the spiritual." 

Brennan explained why increasing their health helps so much. "It's just like you and I. When you don't feel well, you don't feel like praising the Lord or reading your Bible," said Brennan.

The graduates are especially helpful in communicating and advertising the parade.

Everyone planning the event is trusting in God's promise to Joshua that every place where his foot would tread would be given to him. "Be in prayer for this because we're believing that as we march through the town of Prampram, we're going to be able to claim that ground for the Lord. Of course, there's still a lot of areas of spiritual power, spiritual darkness," said Brennan.

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