Former terrorism hub being transformed by the Gospel

By March 7, 2023

Pakistan (MNN) — The city of Abbottabad, Pakistan has gone from a breeding ground for terrorism to fertile ground for the Gospel.

Notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden hid in his Abbottabad compound until U.S. Navy Seals killed him in 2011. A year ago, Mission Cry started handing out Bibles in the area near bin Laden’s old compound.

Since then, people have accepted Christ and now they’re being discipled with Mission Cry’s G300 program. Through military language, G300 disciples learn to pursue Christ and live by God’s Word. 

Members of the Mission Cry team standing on the remains of Osama bin Laden’s compound. (Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Rev. Jason Woolford, president of Mission Cry, explains, “To become a G300 disciple, you have to be discipled in the ways of memorizing general orders and a code of conduct. When I was in the Marine Corps, we had general orders that were the staple of things that we remembered we had to do. So I wrote general orders [as] a part of the G300 so people would know this is generally how I’m supposed to act. For instance, general order number one would be to fear not my enemies.

“Then we have a code of conduct — just as we had in the Marine Corps — saying once you’ve earned the title, this is how you’re supposed to carry yourself, walk, talk, think, [and] believe. So I wrote a code of conduct for those Christians that will be discipled through the G300.”

The G300 program has been translated into several languages including Farsi and Urdu, major languages in Pakistan. Whole families are being reached with the Gospel, including one unlikely family tree. 

“Osama bin Laden had four main wives,” says Woolford. “We have had intel that…one of those wives’ grandsons received the Word of God.

“We won’t go any further in that. I’ll let the listeners let their minds run wild with that. We don’t want to get too deep on it, but God is doing the unbelievable through the Word of God and the discipleship program.”

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

You can be part of this amazing Kingdom-building ministry by giving to Mission Cry!

Woolford says, “We produce this Bible and the discipleship program for just $2 and we get it into the hands of someone absolutely free. So we need prayers, and we need support in those areas.

“We need prayer for safety for those that are administering this throughout the world, for our team as we’re stepping out in faith, and then sponsorship of these  Mission Cry Bibles with the discipleship program in the back.”

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Header photo of Abbottabad, Pakistan; courtesy of Amarjajja, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

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