Found weapons cache raises concerns for Indonesian Christians.

By January 29, 2004

Indonesia (MNN)–Indonesian police say they have found almost 30 bombs plus guns and ammunition in a district where Muslims and Christians have battled in recent years.

The bombs and weapons were found on cocoa plantations in the Poso district of Central Sulawesi January 19. An investigation was under way to trace the owners.

While police are saying that the villagers may have wanted to secretly point clues to the owners and disarm them, there are other concerns related to the find.

Up to 1,000 people were killed in Muslim-Christian battles after sectarian violence broke out in Poso in 2000. The government brokered a shaky peace deal in December 2001 but sporadic violence continues. In the worst bloodshed in 2003, gunmen in October killed 10 people in attacks on mainly Christian villages. A senior security official has blamed the al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah terror group for those killings.

The find has raised concerns for the continued security for ministries working in the area. While many agencies have evacuated the area, pray for the safety of those involved in evangelism.

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