Four Egyptian Christians reportedly kidnapped

By September 2, 2014
Image by Open Doors USA

(Image by Open Doors USA)

Libya (ODM/MNN) — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has promised to take action in the aftermath of four kidnappings in Libya last week.

Open Doors USA shares a report that four Egyptian Christians were kidnapped this week in Libya near the city of Sirte. According to the Libya Herald, the four were kidnapped by unknown armed persons when they were on their way from Tripoli to the Egyptian border to leave the country.

According to the Libya Herald, “They were in a vehicle with three other Egyptians, who are Muslims, and had just passed through Sirte when they were stopped at a checkpoint. Armed men asked to see the passengers’ papers and passports. Then they began asking each passenger about his religious beliefs”.

According to one of the other passengers, when the armed men realized that four of the Egyptians were Christians, they ordered them to disembark and ordered the driver to depart with the other three.

One of the passengers and the driver tried to asked what was going to happen to the victims. The abductors became angry and began to threaten them, telling them to leave immediately.

When the remaining passengers reached Egypt, one of them informed the family of the victims. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been notified and has promised to take action.

Libya is the scene of fierce fighting between different militia. The weak, national government is unable to control the violence in the country. Several foreign Christians have been killed during this year. Many foreign workers have left the country because of the security situation.

Photo by Open Doors USA

(Photo by Open Doors USA)

Open Doors recognizes this incident is a result of the current insecure situation in the country. The position of national and foreign believers is rapidly deteriorating.

Please pray for the four kidnapped men. Please also pray for the other Christians in the country to stay strong in their faith.

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