France, a difficult place to minister

By November 29, 2004

France (MNN) — The French constitution seems to have affected the mindset of the French people when it comes to spiritual things. The mission field is difficult in France because of it. At least that’s the opinion of at least one missionary working there.

Greater Europe Mission’s Leroy Zumack is working in France. Zumack tells Mission Network, “After the revolution they set up their constitution, they were trying to minimize religion and its influence. And, in the U-S we were trying to keep government out of the church, but in France they were trying keep religion from interfering with the government, it was the other side of the coin. So, government in France runs as if there is no God and that affects people’s mindsets.”

Zumack says there is one main obstacle facing evangelism. “Indifference. People don’t need God here. Life is pretty good. Ever since the revolution in 1789, people have ignored God. The government has pushed Him aside through law. It’s definitely a post modern culture.”

It’s not all hopeless, however. Zumack says building relationship is the best way to lead people to Christ. “People want relationships. That’s the best way, but that takes a lot of time,” he says. But, when they do come to Christ, the transformation is beautiful.

Pray that missionaries in France won’t get discouraged and that God will move in the hearts of people in France.

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