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Published on 26 April, 2010

Free shipping no longer a possibility for Haiti ministry

Haiti (MNN) — As news dies down about the massive Haiti earthquake, so has charity.

For Haiti With Love has been working in Haiti for years and was among first responders after the quake hit. The organization has a free 24-hour medical clinic and is involved in a number of other projects, all which bring tangible help and the hope of Christ to the people.

Recognizing the ministry's effective work in Haiti, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines graciously offered to ship For Haiti's relief supplies for free after the quake. This generosity cut the expenses for the ministry down by thousands of dollars each week as they sent food and medical supplies, allowing them to ship even more aid than originally planned.

Recently, however, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines revoked this assistance. The cruise line has suspended the free shipping that they had previously offered. It is unclear as to whether assistance will be reinstated or not.

The resulting effect for the ministry is a significant rise in costs. Precisely when the donations of many are fading away, For Haiti is facing unexpected shipping costs. In order to ship the same amount of aid and relief as they previously had done, financial support will be a must.

If you can help For Haiti With Love, please click here or call (727) 938-3245.

Pray that the right amount of support will come in to continue ministry in the capacity God deems fit. Pray that regardless, the ministry would continue to make an impact in Haiti by showing love and spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

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