Freedom celebrations in the body of Christ

By July 5, 2010

Asia (MNN) — While Americans
just celebrated Independence Day, the JESUS Film Project says they're not the
only ones marking freedom.

A group of 41 "JESUS" film workers were
imprisoned in Asia for spreading the Gospel. Although the initial arrest in 2007 was not related to a specific film
showing, about half of the workers were involved in various ways with the
"JESUS" film.

The workers faced trial and
sentencing. Their sentences were appealed. The supreme court of this nation
ruled on their appeal, refusing to reduce the sentences.  

In the face of stark circumstances, they
continued boldly sharing their faith in prison, and many responded.  God also opened new avenues to show Himself.

The team related a story while
behind bars. A prison officer was demon-possessed. A number of religious
leaders prayed over him, giving him amulets to wear. Their efforts proved to be

Then, some people who heard about
the imprisoned workers brought the officer to the workers who prayed in the
name of Jesus, commanding the demon to leave. Immediately, the man found

Seeing the power of God, several
of his friends began to seek the truth. It was a powerful witness throughout
the entire prison.   

Eventually, the government
released the group. Several of the team
members have to report to the police monthly for two more years, so please
continue to pray for their protection. Pray
also for other imprisoned believers across the globe who are denied the freedoms
experienced by Christians in the United States and other open countries. 

There are more details on the ministry. Click here. 

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