Freedom comes to Cambodia on many levels

By January 19, 2010

Cambodia (MNN) — Cambodians are celebrating the second birth
of their nation this month. Last week,
many marked the freedom that followed the end of the Khmer Rouge and the fall
of Pol Pot. The government prepared a
big celebration in the major cities. 

It was a showcase for the
tourists as well as for the citizens. Tourism
is a major source of income, as people from all over the world come to visit
Angkor Wat, home of the largest Buddhist temple. 

Even so, the majority of the 13
million citizens are farmers and many live in poverty. Because the poverty young people find themselves facing
creates disillusionment, many turn to drug use.   

With a bloody history as recent
as Cambodia's, it is surprising that young people in Cambodia
have a poor knowledge of the bondage of the Khmer Rouge years.  

Teen Missions International says
the new generation needs to know that real freedom is found in Jesus
Christ. Their team works tirelessly to
share this, but there's still a long way to go to make this freedom known. 

Teen Missions in Cambodia is located in town of Siem Reap in northern
Cambodia, home of Angkor Wat.  This base is one of the only Teen Missions
bases located inside a town. It is a small compound with a two-story
building that is in the process of being built. 

Each summer the staff run a national Boot Camp in an alternative location,
since the base is too small to hold the Boot Camp. The first Boot Camp was run
in 2004 and has run every year since. The base also runs a BIBLE,
MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center. 

Ask God to open the doors.



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