Freedom comes to Indonesian children on Independence Day

By October 23, 2009

Indonesia (MNN) — Bob Bland with Teen Missions International
says a recent Gospel project in Tangerang, a city near Indonesia's capital, was
a success. 

Students from their Bible, Missionary and Training Work
Centers, or BMWs, ran Good News Bible Clubs. On August 17–Indonesia's Independence Day, they threw 90 Freedom
Parties. Bland says, "They had
8,787 children who attended. Out of that group of people, 5,676 children
accepted Christ as their Savior." 

In that mix, 5,238 children came from Muslim homes; 2,299 from Christian homes; 842 from
Buddhist homes, and six from Hindu homes.

The kids sang patriotic songs and held Indonesian flags in their hands. They learned
some Christian choruses, memorized a
Bible verse, heard a Bible story and played some games. These events took place in the heart of a
staunchly-Muslim area. With over 5,000 coming to Christ, was there opposition? 

Their team leader says "No." "We don't seem to have any
problems with the authorities or Muslims because who wants to disturb a Freedom
Party with children holding an
Indonesian flag?"

The follow-up to this will be in the weekly Good News Clubs
that will be run by BMW students. They
are trained in evangelism, leadership and discipleship.  

There are roughly 280 weekly Good News clubs attended by
over 7000 children. Each month, an average of 400 children receive Christ as Savior.

In fact, it's a great starting ground for what will
hopefully be a lifetime of ministry. Bland
says the BMW schools are sending out missionaries. "They've sent two girls
to Madagascar. They're sending two to
Malawi and one to South Africa. We have two in Canada, and there are others who are preparing to go."

Land has recently been purchased in Papua where a sixth BMW
is opening. Despite the testing and
possibilities of persecution, the Indonesian staff and students are dedicated
and passionate about the Lord. Keep praying.


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