Freedom from addiction requires heart change

By October 12, 2023

USA (MNN) — New reports highlight the cost and risk of substance use in the United States.

“Two studies just hit my radar this morning,” The Lighthouse’s Brandon Bower says,

One [report] says 7.69 million deaths were attributed to tobacco use in 2019; that would be any nicotine products: vaping, chewing tobacco, all of those things. Another study says those who smoke marijuana regularly have a 60 percent higher chance of a heart attack or stroke.”

These substances are legal and even find acceptance in some Christian circles. Bower says biblical living requires a different perspective.

“Biblical principles [involve] caring for our body, which is the temple of Christ,” he explains.

“Let’s consider what it takes to change, to bring our hearts closer to Christ, and to put aside some of these things that so easily entrap us.”

The Lighthouse offers faith-based residential addiction services, mentorship, consultation, drug testing, and community training. More about that here.

(Graphic courtesy of The Lighthouse)

“The Lighthouse has served people from 11 states in the last two years. Normally, in our residential program, it is the more severe cases; someone has to get away to save their life,” Bower says.

Maybe your case isn’t severe enough to require a residential program, but you still want help breaking free from your addiction. The Lighthouse can help.

“If you say, ‘Brandon, help me find a biblical counselor in my area,’ I’m going to find the closest one to you, call and make sure they’re a good fit, and we’ll make that referral for you,” Bower says.

“We want you to be in a community where you can find hope and healing.”

Find contact information for The Lighthouse here.

“It’s always good to contact us through our website, and you can see some of our other programming,” Bower says.

“If you like social media better, you can find us on Facebook.”



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