French Christians prepare for Festival

By May 12, 2010

(MNN) — The Luis Palau Association plans to bring its "Festival" evangelistic
model to France in May 2011 for the very first time. In a historic display of Christian unity,
evangelical pastors representing an array of denominations recently gathered
with Luis Palau in Marseilles to jumpstart preparations for the event. 

expected a maximum of 120 pastors, but 200 showed up — making this meeting the
largest gathering of evangelical pastors in the Provence region of France for
over 25 years. 

Festival will involve Christian musical and dance entertainment, professional
extreme sports demonstrations, and multiple open-air presentations of the Gospel. It will be preceded by a "Season of Service"
spearheaded by local churches, which will mobilize believers to serve the needs
of their local communities. After the
Festival, even more volunteers will be organized to follow up by completing
more public service projects throughout the region. 

is well-known for being at best somewhat indifferent to the Gospel," said LPA's
Nigel Gordon. "However, Luis has always
had a great heart for the French people, and the enthusiastic response of local
pastors from across a wide denominational spectrum is an answer to prayer and
is very encouraging for the future. 

therefore hope and expect that Marseilles/Provence Season of Service and
Festival 2011 will be a huge success." 

can support LPA's work in France. Also,
pray that God will prepare the hearts of unbelievers, evangelists, and the
French church for revival. 

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