Fresh violence rocks Gaza Strip

By June 17, 2021

Palestine (MNN) — On Wednesday, an Israeli parade re-ignited violence in the Gaza Strip. Militants floated fire balloons towards Israel, while Israeli aircraft launched missiles into Gaza. It’s the first violence since the 11-day war in May.

That conflict destroyed over 16,000 homes, as well as many schools and hospitals. Forty percent of those hurt in the fighting were women and children. Read more here.

Gaza is boxed in by borders, with no seaport or airport. Joe Willey of SAT-7 USA says, “During hostilities, there’s literally nowhere to run. But children are emotionally and spiritually vulnerable as well. They see destruction all around them. And they’re angry. They’re frightened. And that fear and anger it, it can be nurtured into hatred.”

Christian love amid violence

SAT-7 wants to help break the cycle of pain and violence in this region. While the conflict raged, the SAT-7 ARABIC show You are Not Alone dedicated a special episode to the subject. Willey says, “I think most importantly, the program highlighted examples of Christian faith in the middle of the turmoil.”

For instance, SAT-7 interviewed a resident helping pull survivors from damaged houses. They also spoke to a doctor in the area.

Pray for peace and wholeness to visit this region. Willey says, “Please pray that children will come to understand the hope that is found in Christ. And as they grow up, the Holy Spirit will work in their lives. And pray that they mature and become leaders who choose to love and not to hate.”



The header photo shows damage in Gaza from the conflict in May. (Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College on Facebook) 

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