From bad to worse for refugees in the Middle East

By March 2, 2015
(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

Middle East (BGR/MNN) — Life as a refugee is difficult–especially so in the winter.

Temperatures have plummeted below zero recently, and many refugees are literally freezing to death.

BBC News reported snow across Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Turkey.

Snow has also blanketed Afghanistan, with Panjshir Valley hit by avalanches. BBC News reports more than 286 deaths to date.

Acting governor of Panjshir, Abdul Rahman Kabiri, told Reuters, “We haven’t seen this much snow, or this many avalanches, for 30 years.”

Baptist Global Response (BGR) is reaching out with the love of Christ to provide aid to multiple refugee camps, distributing items that will help displaced people survive the winter weather. And you can help.

BGR is providing tarps and blankets for only $10 each. Tarps will keep the snow and ice out of the tents, and the blanket will help create a warmer and dryer temporary home.

Along with food, water, BGR is also distributing cooking sets. How can a family eat food rations if they have no way to prepare them? A lot of distributions consist of dry rice, oil, spices, and other foods that refugees must combine and cook before consuming, so cooking sets are very important. One of these will help provide a family with numerous needed meals.

Finally, they’re providing medicine at only $5 a person. Because of the extreme cold, illness plagues many refugees in the Middle East, and the need for medicine has increased along with it. With such a simple, easy gift, you can keep a displaced person healthy.

As BGR reaches out with physical assistance, they also share the Gospel. In the face of sadness and loss, they bring eternal hope.

Please consider donating to this cause. You can help so many suffering families who are wondering if they’ll even make it through the winter.

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