From witchcraft to witness: a mother’s faith story

By May 21, 2018

India (MNN) — Barisha is a wife and mother living in India. Not long ago, her family lived in deep spiritual darkness. Barisha used to practice witchcraft to take revenge on those who offended her. And instead of taking her children to a medical facility when they were sick, she took them to the witchdoctor. Her children even started to follow her example of bitterness and practice witchcraft as well.

Barisha’s husband was pained by this and tried to convince Barisha to leave vengeance to karma. But she persisted in witchcraft and it took a toll of their marriage.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

However, all that was about to change. Erik* with Mission India shares, “One day, one of our partners opened up an Adult Literacy Class program in her village. So Barisha started going to that.”

Mission India’s Adult Literacy Classes help men and women in India gain a 5th grade education in reading, writing, and math. Many of the students from the Adult Literacy Classes even start their own home businesses.

“[Barisha] gradually started gaining skills in literacy and other areas of education and started participating in special trades which these classes often bring which taught her about health. Then she realized she should be taking her kids to a regular doctor so she started doing that.”

In addition to the physical and social transformation, Barisha experienced a profound spiritual transformation.

An Adult Literacy Class with Mission India. (Photo courtesy of Mission India via Facebook)

“The great thing about this Adult Literacy Class program is that it brings in the love of Jesus Christ into these programs. So she started learning about Jesus through her teacher and as she learned about Jesus and what He did for her, it prompted her to stop spending her income and time in witchcraft and she started to read the Scripture and started to pray. And we just celebrate that eventually, Barisha did commit her life to Jesus Christ!” Erik shares.

Previously, Barisha led her family in witchcraft and watched her marriage suffer. Now she is a witness to her own family of the power of the Gospel.

“Her heart was just filled with peace that she had been longing for. Her family has been transformed…. Her children were following her lead with everything they did. They also now are starting to follow her lead and starting to go to church and seeking what Jesus means to them.”

For $40 a month, you could help send men and women like Barisha to Mission India’s Adult Literacy Classes. Click here to support Mission India!


(Header photo of Barisha courtesy of Mission India)


*Name changed for security purposes.

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