Fruity outreach is a success

By August 10, 2009

Chile (MNN) — Up until this year, only a handful of women had shown up at Mery's home to make jam. This year was a different story.   

Mery leads the jamming project at Collin Alto Baptist Church in Chile. With so few women, they usually make only enough jam to take home to their families, reports their partner Bright Hope International.

The project took off this year, however, when 20 people showed up at the church interested in participating. They even showed much more initiative to sell the jam in neighboring towns, as has always been the goal.

Jamming projects are one way to open up the door of the church to people who wouldn't usually attend. It also teaches people to use the produce they have to make a profit — which could help fight poverty in the long run by teaching new and useful skills.

Bright Hope International selects partners who are leaders in the Christian community. Pray that Collin Alto Baptist Church will continue to be a shining light in their community, and that as the jamming project grows, so, too, will the community of believers. 

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