Fulani kill Bible translator in Cameroon

By August 30, 2019

Disclaimer: This story contains content which could be shocking to some.

Cameroon (MNN) — The Fulani herdsmen are known to frequent Nigeria. However, their nomadic lifestyle recently brought them to Cameroon. On Sunday, a Bible translator was killed in his home during an attack by the Fulani herdsmen. The attack took place in Wum, a village located in the Northwest of the country.

The attackers used a machete to dismember Angus Abraham Fung. The Christian Post reports Fung’s wife, Eveline, had her arm cut off. However, she and another person who was staying in their home did manage to escape. Per the report, Eveline is currently receiving a blood transfusion.

However, the “why” for the attack is still fuzzy. It is likely related to the escalating conflict in Cameroon related to the Anglophone crisis.

Background on Cameroon’s Violence

Cameroon is split into two major areas known as Anglophone regions and Francophone regions. The conflict between these regions stems from colonial times with regards to the British-controlled areas of Cameroon and the French-controlled areas of Cameroon. (Read more on this history here.)

On the right is Angus Fung, who was killed during a Fulani attack. (Photo courtesy of Alex Nicholls via Efi Tembon’s Facebook page.)

Fast forward to the present day, when separatists in the Anglophone region are fighting for independence. It is in this region where Wum is located. While it may not seem like it, this does appear to have played a role in the recent attack which claimed Fung’s life.

“One of the big issues there is that the government, with a more international pressure getting [put on the] Cameron government, they have been trying to provoke a religious war to just create chaos. Create division between the local people,” says Efi Tembon of Oasis Network for Community Transformation.

Tembon believes the Christian community is an easy target for these attacks. There are also suspicions that individuals within the Cameroon government are utilizing the Fulani herdsmen for attacks on locals, particularly those fighting for independence or associated with the movement. Tembon says there is still the possibility this recent attack was related to food sources. Learn more about the conflict in Cameroon here and here.

Prays Needed Following Fulani Attack

But, regardless of the definite “why” behind this attack, the Christian community in Cameroon is hurting. It needs prayers.

Angus Fung’s widow at a local hospital. (Photo courtesy of Efi Tembon via Facebook)

For now, pray for Fung’s wife, for her spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. Pray for peace in Cameroon, too.

“Pray that God will help intervene to resolve the conflict…many people…are suffering…The government had burned more than 200 villages. This [has] been going on for three years now. Many, many villages have been burned and this is not getting into the Western media,” Tembon says.

“Also, pray for the people who are suffering that more than 700,000 people have been displaced. Many of these people are in the forest, some have crossed over to Nigeria…Pray that God will help all these people.”



Header image/map courtesy of Operation World.

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