Fund helps translators within 24 hours of disasters

By December 26, 2012

Middle East (MNN) — Christians are putting their lives at risk everyday by ministering in their country. The Arab world has experienced a lot of hostility this year, with Egypt being in constant riots and Syria being in a civil war.

There is still hope amidst the violence. "They see in the news that there is violence in all these places…, but what they don't see in the news is that evangelism, Bible translation, other ministry activities are going on there, because we can't talk about them openly," says Bruce Smith, president and CEO of Wycliffe Associates.

"We've established something called the Scriptures for New
Frontiers. It's a way of being intentionally vague while highlighting translation needs that are in the actual current frontiers
of Christianity and Scripture around the world.

"The reality is that there is Bible translation going on globally. So when we see outbreaks of violence in new places, it's not a matter of getting people into places; it's often a matter of helping those people cope with the new violence or the new risks in effective ways," Smith states.

Millions of people around the world are still waiting to read the Scriptures in the language of their heart. Wycliffe Associates is working as quickly as they can to translate. This fund is a great opportunity to help translators.

Smith says, "We are glad to have this fund. We have had the support of donors for this New Frontiers fund, which enables us to respond in real time. Literally within 24 hours of events like this occurring, it enables the translators to have stability and to have resources that they need in order to keep the work moving forward in the most positive way, despite the fact that new obstacles have emerged."

Americans are not the only people translating the Scriptures. "It's also important to know that nationals are essential to the translation task in all of these locations. And in those circumstances, they don't have perhaps the luxury of evacuating or moving or relocating to other countries. They have much less mobility or freedom in that regard than ex-patriots do."

Smith remarks says their goal is to help translators "to be safe and secure in these circumstances, giving them the resources they need to work from a distance with resources and other places, with internet connectivity, and being able to communicate through the internet when they can't communicate face to face." That's all part of what enables translations continue, says Smith.

The New Frontiers fund provides an opportunity for you to help "listeners and people that are here in the United States…. Gods Word works from the inside out in these circumstances and is beginning to change the lives of individuals, of communities, of families, and truly of nations."

How can you help? "Our short-term target for the next thirty days is $138,000. It will keep us in a position to respond as needed based on the current situations, as well as knowing that additional situations can emerge at any point of time."

Wycliffe Associates works in places that cannot be publicized. "It would create a security problem for both the nationals and the ex-patriots that are working there. These are places where Christians are highly persecuted. They need resources. The only way to get resources to those people is to make it known to partners here in the United States. So we have to do that in this discrete kind of way," Bruce said.

If you would like to donate to this fund, click here.

Pray that the translators will have the strength to continue to do the work of God. Pray that as many translations are under way, that people will come to know the Lord.

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