Funding is needed for an unprecedented opportunity to reach an unreached people group in Africa.

By September 8, 2003

Congo (MNN) — An unreached people group in Africa is one more step closer to hearing the Gospel. Hope Builders International is just weeks away from sending a team into the Congo to a people group that have never even seen a white man before.

Johan Gous tells us the trip will be difficult. He says, “They have to up the Nairi River for about 260 miles on canoe. Then they can walk into the rain forest to this totally unreached people group. There’s not one person that we know of that is literate and certainly the Gospel hasn’t reached there yet.”

Gous says the great thing is you still have time to be a part of the project because the team needs satellite telephone equipment and medical supplies. “He is in an area that many tropical diseases exist there and we need to be able to speak to him. All the equipment that we need to buy will run $8,000.” That will cover all their phone needs, navigational tools, medicines and food needs.

It’s supposed to take about three months to actually get to the tribe. Gous says prayer is needed because rebels are still hiding in the jungle.

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