Funding is needed to help kids hear Jesus in Central Asia

By April 13, 2005

Central Asia (MNN) — Islam is the predominate religion in Central Asia. However, many are open to hearing about Christ. And, children can be the ones to help create an interest as they participate in Christian summer camps.

During Communism, summer camps in these former Soviet block nations were popular. But, the fall of communism saw the closing of many camping opportunities for kids. Bible Mission International and other Christian groups are standing in the gap to provide these opportunities.

According to Bible Mission, nearly 40-percent of all the kids who attend their summer camping programs are from Muslim families and there are dozens of stories of how entire families have come to Christ as these kids share their new faith in Christ. But, it can only happen as funding is available.

Your help is needed. Many of these kids can’t afford to pay for camp. Your gift of $25 can make it happen. Bible Mission International is praying that more than 4,000 kids will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, who could in turn share it with their family.

Click on the link above to help Bible Mission send more kids to Christian camp this summer.

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