Funding issues threaten a ministry’s answer to malaria in Uganda

By August 3, 2011

Uganda (MNN) — Uganda has the third-highest number of deaths from malaria in Africa. The disease kills more children in
the country than HIV/AIDS or war, according to reports from the Uganda
Ministry of Health.  

It is also a country where one person
out of every two lives in severe poverty. One out of every four suffers from
severe malnutrition. Combined with a poor
infrastructure and immense rural poverty, getting help once infected has been
very difficult. Due to the
growing demand for medical services, AMG Uganda launched the Bethany Medical Center
in Igamba and the Hope Medical Center
in Bugongi.

and malaria plague the residents of Igamba and Iganga, including children who are
part of the AMG childcare program in Igamba. The Bethany Center is the only medical
facility in the area where the poor can receive treatment. It has been gratefully accepted by the community, which allows it also to be a
lighthouse for giving out the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ.

In Bugongi, the Hope
Medical Center provides midwife services and maternity care–the only medical care available for miles around. Since both clinics are staffed and resourced,
they provide more than the government clinics. In fact, Bethany took a recent donation of medical equipment this month
which will help the team respond to even more needs.  

However, both facilities operate at a loss of about $350 USD a month. It's
clear that closing them is not an option with people's lives at stake, but
operating at a deficit drains the resources of other work in the country. For AMG Uganda, the
clinics are an integral part of demonstrating the
love of Jesus Christ to the communities by providing education, medical care, and
spiritual development.

This need is becoming more urgent as
the bite of food shortages takes hold in the Horn of Africa. AMG is asking for financial help through outright
gifts or through the sponsorship of one of the 270 children being served. Click here for details.

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