Funding lacking, food needed

By June 4, 2007

Haiti (MNN) — The economy in northern Haiti is getting worse, and with the U.S. economy declining, there is less money going in.

With the death of a few major donors and no one to replace them, For Haiti With Love is low on contributions. Currently their contributions are down $14,000 for general programs such as food.

For Haiti With Love's Eva DeHart says, "Haitian prices are going up; their exchange rate is going down. So they're getting less for their money. People are back to feeling like they'd rather spend all their money with one of those rickety boats on the chance of making it to the United States, which they feel is paradise, or go as fish food rather than sit in Haiti and starve to death."

FHWL reports that an average of 50 people each day are coming to beg for food. It is impossible to feed everyone. "It wouldn't do any good to hand out food to absolutely everybody who comes to the gate and then run out; then you're not helping anyone because you've put one meal in a stomach, and now everyone is going to starve," said DeHart. FHWL wants to stay with a family until they are able to feed themselves in order to make an impact on a small group. 

Even the rice market has taken a turn. Supplies were low last time FHWL's regular
buyer went to re-stock. "The supplier said that he wasn't even sure that he would have rice the next time she went in. I don't know what's going on with the rice market, but that's going to create a problem also because Haiti cannot raise enough rice to feed their people," DeHart said.

DeHart says nutrition is the main goal, but "it's getting harder and harder to keep the food program going. And yet there are more and more people who are starting to need it."

Despite all the bad news, there is some good news. The new mayor is cleaning up Cap Haitien, and crime is decreasing. These changes increase morale as well as the interest of outside investors. 

"They need a lot of prayer," said DeHart. 

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