Funding needed for radio in Romania/Bulgaria

By April 30, 2007

Romania (MNN) — Little Samaritan Mission needs your help today or they could lose a radio license to beam Christian music and programs into an area that has no Christian radio voice.

Speaking from the Bucharest airport in Romania, Little Samaritan's President Florin Pindicblaj says, "Right now we are fighting to put a radio station in the very south of Romania on the shores of the Danube River. And that will broadcast not only in Romania, but across the river in Bulgaria. Bulgaria isn't covered by a Christian radio station."

However, they only have a few weeks left. Pindicblaj says, "If we don't open by the end of May, we lose the license."

The only thing holding them back is funding. "We have %70 of the funds already. So I have the money for the antenna and for the transmitter. But for the studio and other things, [we need] about $5,000 more. That will help us be on air by the end of the month," he says.

Pindicblaj says if they're able to raise $5,000, this will be the first Christian radio station in this area. He says this could be the last chance for adding more Christian radio stations in countries that are part of the European Union. "There will be [many] more problems. Rules which the European Union is making are not [beneficial] to religious freedom and especially [not supporting] the person of Jesus Christ."

This situation is desperate. Pindicblaj believes a Mission Network News listener could make it happen. "If somebody who listens can sacrifice, we could be on the air by the end of May."

While additional frequencies for Christians may not be possible, Pindicblaj says more are needed. "There are some more regions which need to be reached that don't have a Christian radio station. We [currently] cover %65 of Romania."

If you'd like to contribute to the LSM's radio station along the Romanian/Bulgarian border, click here.

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